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Here at the ministries page you can take a look at some of our ministries offered that are ways you can get involved in or be blessed by. Select one of the ministries on this page to learn more.

Children's Ministries

Impacting young people to follow after Jesus Christ to find confidence in Him as their savior, teacher and friend. The goal is that young people will make an impact on others for Christ

Our church provides young people

  • Impact 360 Vespers
  • Sabbath School
  • Video presentations on Facebook and YouTube

Men's Ministries

Men's ministries provides men with fellowship and ministry opportunities to allow them to serve the needs of others and have Godly companionship with each other and build a stronger relationship with God. Men can make a great impact on the local church as well as in the local community that they would be willing hands.

Radio Ministries

North Valley Seventh-day Adentist Church is starting a radio ministry. Many volunteers have already signed up to present Bible studies, share their skills that benefits others with topics about budgeting, house repairs, and others. More information to come about this new ministry.

Sabbath School Ministries

Currently presenting Sabbath School online by YouTube and Facebook and can be visited in person in our church's sanctuary

Women's Ministries

Women's ministry exist to provide women with the opportunity to reach out to assist those going through a hardship to offer encouragement and help in times of need.